Elite signs offers a wide variety of banner materials to fit any occasion from your standard durable outdoor banner to elegant fabric trade show banners. Banners are a great cost effective solution for generating interest in special events, sales, real estate, apartments for lease, or to advertise your business. We offer high quality full color printing and have graphic designers on staff to help put your vision together. Send us your logo and messaging and our friendly staff will help design the perfect banner for you.

Some of the materials available: 
Mesh Vinyl
Great for large banners and areas susceptible to strong winds. 
Smooth Blockout Banner 
Most often used for retractable banners. 
Heavy Duty 18oz Vinyl 
Like our standard 13oz vinyl but thicker and built for abuse. 
13oz Vinyl 
Our standard vinyl material suitable for a wide range of needs. 
Step and Repeat 
These banners come in a 13oz vinyl or fabric and can be used for special events and press walls. 
Most often used for trade shows, table throws, and displays. 
Retractable Banners 
Our stands are high quality and come in various sizes. These types of banners are perfect for trade shows and for traveling due to their compact size. 
Pole Pocket Banners 
Commonly used in retail locations when you want your banner to hang instead of having to attach it to a wall. 
Boulevard Banners 
These are street pole banners that are attached with a bracket and can come single sided and double sided. They are often used to advertise neighborhoods, college campuses, and special events. 
Our flags come single and double sided with either a spike base, X base, or water base. We have a variety of sizes and shapes.

We offer custom finishing with hems, webbing, grommets, velcro, wind smiles, and D rings. Let us know how you plan on installing your banner and we can help you with solutions for custom installation.

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